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YOUTRAINFITNESS, LLC is a Durham, North Carolina based fitness training and equipment company organized in 2009 by a then licensed physical educator and current ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Exercise Physiologist with over 20 years of professional experience. Specifically, YOUTRAINFITNESS, LLC is the maker of the Pushup Exercise Alignment Mat System (PEAMS®). The PEAMS® is the first and only patented exercise alignment mat system that offers both objective assessment and training solutions.

The assessment solutions that this mat provides are reliability and defensibility. For reliability, it ensures that the participant’s hand-width position is the same every time s/he takes the pushup test and for defensibility, it makes it difficult for the participant to argue or challenge his/her pushup test results because his/her hand-width position is based on his/her anatomical structure (shoulder-width). We have learned from scholarly research literature and conducting physical assessments with clients that the hand-width placement can influence pushup performance (count). We have also observed that even with someone confirming the proper hand-width position, the assessment can still be subjective.

The training solution that this mat provides is it allows for the participant to train for the pushup test in a less than shoulder-width position to strengthen the triceps muscles (to help them become more resilient to fatigue) which may assist the Pectoralis Major muscles during the actual test.

Our ideal business partners are the Military, Law Enforcement, Schools, Organizations and Fitness Professionals who use the pushup exercise as a means to train and assess their participant’s upper body muscular endurance.

  • Pushup Assessment Administration: Provide training to assist pushup test administrators of the proper technique for identifying accurate pushup hand-width position using the PEAMS® and pushup hand-width measurement chart based on the organization’s pushup test standards to achieve test reliability and defensibility
  • Pushup Test Improvement Program: Identify and provide key hand placement patterns using the PEAMS® that participants may use to help them maximally improve their pushup performance, specifically when training for the pushup test
  • PEAMS® exploration: Provide demonstrations of pushup methods and precise hand placements that improve upper body, speed, power, muscular strength and endurance
  • Deliver quality product attributes that are durable, high density, waterproof, portable and suitable for commercial use
  • We’ve focused our company resources exclusively on researching the pushup exercise for product development
    • In-house exercise performance testing and extensive literature review of exercise science scholarly journals
  • Identified pushup techniques that may improve pushup performance, increase muscle activation patterns, aid in shoulder rehabilitation as well as techniques that should be avoided to reduce injury
  • Invented Pushup Exercise Alignment Mat System that improves pushup fitness test reliability and defensibility
  • Assigned utility (US Pat. 7819777) and design (US Pat. D632119 and D657602) patents for the Pushup Exercise Alignment Mat System
    • Also assigned additional foreign utility and design patents
  • Assigned US trademark registration (5339383) for the Pushup Exercise Alignment Mat System branded as the PEAMS®
  • Exclusive distributor of the PEAMS®
  • Granted rights to produce and deliver a product that no other fitness equipment company can offer

Registered Company Name: YOUTRAINFITNESS, LLC
State of Incorporation: North Carolina
Year Incorporated: 2009
Status: Small Business
DUNS Number: 015251915
CAGE Code: 6BHV2
NAICS: 451110 Sport Goods Stores | 812990 Personal Fitness Trainer | 621999 Physical Fitness Evaluation Services
Key Contact: Service, Patrick
Voice: 919.NC.R.U.FIT (627-8348)