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Below are the Terms and Conditions
via FAQs about one of the
giveaways we will run this summer.
 We hope you will participate and
enjoy the prizes we have available
for you!

June 12, 2020 Winner

Name: Deb G.
Prize: 10-Piece Resistance Tube Set
Location: Ft. Meade, MD


If you have other questions, please message us with Subject: “GIVEAWAY” – Thank you.

01. What is the gist of this giveaway?

YOUTRAINFITNESS® will give away a 10-piece resistance tube set to a NEW winner (subscriber) of this website 2x each month starting June 12, 2020.  Each subscriber understands that subscribing and participating in the giveaway campaign provides a chance to win a 10-piece resistance tube set and not a guarantee.

02. Why is YOUTRAINFITNESS® sponsoring this giveaway?

March 12-14, 2020, our company was scheduled to exhibit at the 2020 ACSM International Health and Fitness Summit in Atlanta, GA but it was cancelled because of… you guessed it…COVID-19.  We normally have giveaways for the conference attendees who stop by our table to learn about our company and products.  Since this event was cancelled we decided to make the giveaways available virtually so that we can build a better relationship with our online wellness community, especially YOU, our subscriber.  So, there you have it!

03. If I am not a subscriber, how can I sign-up?

If you are not a subscriber yet, you may subscribe by using the sign-up box at the bottom of this page.

04. Is it worth signing up for this?

Sure, someone will win each round and you may be one of the fortunate winners.

05. How will you select the winner?

Each winner will be randomly selected using a wheel of names (demo shown above), from a pool of entries (subscribers), until the giveaway campaign period ends. TBD

06. How will a subscriber know if s/he has won?

The next winner will be notified via email Monday June 29th.

07. **VERY IMPORTANT** What is the responsibility of the winner to claim his/her resistance tube set?

Upon notification, the winner has 48 hours to pay the discounted shipping cost for the item (Estimate of $5.00). YOUTRAINFITNESS® will pay the rest.   This item is not available for pick-up and must be shipped via USPS.

08. What is the method to pay the shipping cost?

Once a winner has been notified via email.  The email will contain a coupon code (the coupon code will be your email address) that will total the entire cost of the 10-piece resistance tube set minus the shipping cost.  The winner will then enter the necessary details on the shop checkout page to order the 10-piece resistance tube set with coupon code (email address) and only pay the shipping cost via PayPal.

09. How long will it take for the winner to receive the resistance tube set?

Once the shipping cost has been paid by the winner, the 10-piece resistance tube set will be processed and mailed within 2 business days.  In transit shipping time will vary based on your US location.  Estimate 2-7 business days for arrival (or possibly longer at this time).  A tracking number will be sent to you via email once your package has been shipped.

10. **VERY IMPORTANT** What if the winner does not pay the shipping cost?  Is there a time limit to pay the shipping cost?

Yes, If the winner fails to pay for the shipping cost within 48 hours of email notification, s/he forfeits the opportunity and his/her name will be removed from the entries.  Another winner will be selected (see steps 6-8 again).  We are not responsible if an email does not reach the winner’s email inbox.  Please check junk mail.

11. Will we receive updates about the giveaways to include who won?

Yes, we will send you general updates and an email link to show you the actual result of each drawing once it has occurred (shown above).  On the same page, we will also list the first name, last Initial, the prize won and the State and city of previous winners).

12. How long will this giveaway campaign last?

We are uncertain at this stage however; we reserve the right to end this campaign at any time if demand outstrips our available inventory.

13. what are my chances of winning?

If you subscribed before the June 12th drawing (as an incentive), after each round, if you do not win, you will automatically receive another entry for the next round to increase your chances of winning, as long as the giveaway continues.

For example, each person will have one entry during the first round (before the first drawing June 12th). After a winner is identified, his/her entry will be removed; the remaining participants will each receive another entry for the second round (June 26th) to total two entries.

A person who subscribes during the second round (after the first drawing on June 12th and before the second drawing on June 26th) will only have one entry against your two entries. If you don’t win during the second round, you will receive another entry to total three entries during the third round (July 10th) and so on but any person who subscribed after the first drawing on June 12th will not receive an additional entry and will remain with one entry for the rest of the giveaway.

So, the sooner you subscribe (specifically, before the first drawing June 12th) the better your chances.

14. Can I win more than once for this giveaway?

No, you may only win once per giveaway type.  Once you win, all of your entries will be removed.  If we run a different giveaway type (one that involves another prize or criteria), you will be eligible to participate again.

15. Is this campaign giveaway available to subscribers who are non residents of the United States?

No.  This giveaway is only available for Continental US Subscribers (residents).



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