YOUTRAINFITNESS, LLC is the maker of the first and only Precision Exercise Alignment Mat System (PEAMS®) that will standardize the push-up exercise. Our patented PEAMS® will provide solutions for individuals who are looking to improve their push-up performance and test administrators who are want to make the push-up fitness test more reliable and defensible against test subjectivity.



[Testing] If you are affiliated with the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, FBI, Police, Schools or any other organization that uses the pushup test to assess your candidate’s physical readiness, our PEAMS® is designed to provide the best testing outcome. These attributes will benefit you greatly, GUARANTEED!

[Training] Want the edge? If you want to improve your pushup performance for taking ANY pushup test, our PEAMS® will help you to do just that systematically, GUARANTEED!.


We provide a product and service with the purpose of helping others to maximize their potential!

Our years of experience involving research and development of our product has exceeded our expectations of how our product will provide exceptional value to our customers

The solutions we can offer to improve your organizations pushup testing reliability is unsurpassed. We stand by our work and have the evidence to support it.

For us, it’s about fostering a successful relationship that includes providing excellent customer service and making sure that you have a positive experience while working with us. Our whole team including our Senior Product Specialist is very committed to this!

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