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100-Pushup Cadence

The page will allow you to download a FREE 100 pushups cadence file (see below). If you would like to improve your pushup strength, read about our FREE 100 Pushups Training Plan below as well.

Before downloading the audio file, please review our Health Disclaimer

Download the FREE 100 Push-ups Cadence here (Right click Save As) Enjoy!

100-Pushup Training Plan

If you would like to try the audio Pushup Training Plan, continue reading.

Introducing a pushup training plan that will count the reps and sets for you. Our plan will help you to improve your pushup performance by using an audio Mp3 cadence(s) that you will get from us! The plan may also be used to supplement any pushup training program.

To get started, follow instructions on this page and watch each [Video]. That’s it!

  1. Use the Free 100 Pushups Cadence file from above
  2. Play the pushup cadence file
  3. Take your maximum pushup test in your shoulder-width pushup position.
  4. Perform pushups in sync with the count. Once you break cadence, the test is over
  5. Add 14 to your maximum pushup count
  6. Download the Pushup Training Cycle for your pushup test total. For example, maximum pushups completed + 14 = your Pushup Training Cycle.
  7. Begin training

Watch video demonstrations

[Video] Maximum Pushup Test
[Video] Level Four 30 Pushups
[Video] Level Four 35 Pushups
[Video] Level Four 40 Pushups

Video Analysis:

Level four, 30 pushups was too easy for a person with 27 Max Pushups
Level Five, 35 pushups was more challenging and most suitable for training multiple times
Level Six, 40 pushups was not achieved but can also be used for a greater challenge

Breaking Cadence:

When starting off, the Pushup Training Plan Cycle you select is suitable for you as long as you complete a cadence that challenges you on the 5th set (e.g. Level Five 35 Pushups Video). Also, if you break cadence on the 5th set, that is appropriate as well (E.g. Level Six 40 Pushups Video). If you are breaking cadence on set four, it is too difficult. Drop down one level.

Using the Pushup Grid PEAMS™

Position your hands EXACTLY at any hand-width to determine the best intensity for you to improve pushup strength

SW Hand Position-E-K

Hands can be positioned less than an inch towards or away from each of these positions for various muscle activation:

Close Width 50% (Pectoralis minor, triceps brachii, and infraspinatus muscle activation)
Shoulder Width 100% (Pectoralis major muscle activation)
Wide Width 150% (Serratus anterior muscle activation)
Read the study here

BOTTOM LINE: The PEAMS™ is designed to help you improve your pushup count by using our patented hand width adjustment protocol with any pushup program you use to train. We GUARANTEE it!  For a limited time, we have a great offer for you.  It’s yours for a reasonable offer.

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Let’s Get Started!

15 Push-ups Training Plan to Improve Push-up Strength Level 1

Level One

The Level One Pushup Training Cycle will help beginners to perform s push up routine to total 15 pushups. This will provide you with the opportunity to improve your pushup performance by using a cadence (Mp3 audio file) that will automatically guide you through performing pushups during each cycle.

Specifically, the protocol for the Level One Cycle will consist of performing up to 15 pushups over the duration of five sets with 10-14 seconds rest between each set. Five sets of pushups is equal to one cycle. Each cycle will last 01:31. You are encouraged to perform a minimum of three cycles on the days you are scheduled to perform pushups.

15 Pushups Training Cycle

Before beginning, please review our health disclaimer

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Below is a visual of the 15 pushups training cycle you will work to complete

Set 1. Dynamic 1 – Perform one rep, rest 10-14 seconds
Set 2. Dynamic 2 – Perform two reps, rest for 10 to 14 seconds
Set 3. Dynamic 3 – Perform three reps, rest for 10 to 14 seconds
Set 4. Dynamic 4 – Perform four reps, rest for 10 to 14 seconds
Set 5. Dynamic 5 – Perform five reps – End of Level Cycle

Total pushups = 15 | Total duration = 01:31

Rest for at least three minutes then perform Level One Cycle two more times

[Video] Level One – 15 Pushups Training Cycle Demonstration

Download your Level One – 15 Pushups Cycle Mp3 [Cadence] (Right click > Save target as).

Access the other Mp3 files below using quick access links and password received in email

QUICK ACCESS Links below

Level One - 15 Pushup Training Cycle
Level Two - 20 Pushup Training Cycle
Level Three - 25 Pushup Training Cycle
Level Four - 30 Pushup Training Cycle
Level Five - 35 Pushup Training Cycle
Level Six - 40 Pushup Training Cycle
Level Seven - 45 Pushup Training Cycle
Level Eight - 50 Pushup Training Cycle
Level Nine - 55 Pushup Training Cycle
Level 10 - 60 Pushup Training Cycle
Level 11 - 65 Pushup Training Cycle
Level 12 - 70 Pushup Training Cycle
Level 13 - 75 Pushup Training Cycle
Level 14 - 80 Pushup Training Cycle
Level 15 - 85 Pushup Training Cycle
Level 16 - 90 Pushup Training Cycle
Level 17 - 95 Pushup Training Cycle
Level 18 - 100 Pushup Training Cycle


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