Health Disclaimer

Exercise with caution.  Failure to perform physical exercises correctly could be injurious or fatal.  To ensure that you are in suitable physical condition to begin this or any exercise plan/program, we recommend that you seek medical clearance from your physician.  We also recommend that you consult a fitness professional for additional guidance to learn the proper technique when performing these exercises.  When using our resistance bands we recommend that you wear protective eyewear so that injury does not occur should the band snap or you lose your grip.

Latex Rubber WARNING

Use of any latex products may cause minor to life threatening allergic reaction in some people. Our YOUTRAINFITNESS® Resistance Bands are made with natural latex rubber. If you are allergic to latex rubber, please do not use.  If you have already purchase our latex product, and you are allergic to latex rubber, please contact us immediately for a full refund.  For more information on latex allergy.