100 Push-up Cadence

Pushup Training and Assessment Exercise Alignment Mat

Using the PEAMS® Push-up Mat with 100-Push-up Cadence

Do you want to perform 100 push-ups?  The PEAMS® Push-up Mat allows you to position your hands EXACTLY at any hand-width to determine the best intensity for you to improve push-up strength

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SW Hand Position-E-K

Hands can be positioned less than an inch towards or away from each of these positions for various muscle activation:

Close Width 50% (Pectoralis minor, triceps brachii, and infraspinatus muscle activation)
Shoulder Width 100% (Pectoralis major muscle activation)
Wide Width 150% (Serratus anterior muscle activation)
Read the study here

Additional studies and conclusions to support how reducing hand width will benefit you are here, here, and here.

BOTTOM LINE: The PEAMS® Push-up Mat is designed to help you improve your 100 Push-up count by using our patented hand width adjustment protocol with any push-up program you use to train. We GUARANTEE it!

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