Mini Band Ankle Exercises
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Mini Band Ankle Exercises to Build Strength

Why performing ankle exercises are important… Are you performing ankle exercises as part of your workout?  If not, pick up a mini band and get started.  Here’s why.  Performing ankle exercises will help you to maintain balance when you are standing or walking on leveled or unleveled terrain as they get stronger.  For dancers and athletes, having strong ankles will you help you […]

Performing Pushup Test
Push-up Training Tips

Pass the Army Push-up Physical Fitness Test and Improve Score

If you are planning to take the ARMY PUSH-UP TEST, AIR FORCE PUSH-UP TEST, COAST GUARD PUSH-UP TEST, MARINES PUSH-UP TEST, or NAVY PUSH-UP TEST, in the near future, or as an agency, planning to administer the push-up fitness test, an investment in our PEAMS® will help you to prepare properly.  Additionally, for participants who will take a pushup test, you […]