Resistance Band Set


•Excellent quality aluminum clips
•Highest quality Malaysian dipped latex
•Sturdy “D” ring construction handles
•Cushioned door anchor stopper
•High strength nylon webbing ankle straps
•Total body program exercise guide
•Zippered carry bag
Exercises in the proper order that will get results

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Your Resistance Band Set Includes the Following 12 Pieces:

• 1 Extra Light Yellow 4lb clip Resistance Band (tube) clip
• 1 Light Green 7lbs Resistance Clip (Tube)
• 1 Medium Red 14lbs Resistance Clip (Tube)
• 1 Heavy Blue 24lbs Resistance Clip (Tube)
• 1 Extra Heavy Black 30lbs Resistance Clip (Tube)
• 1 Door Anchor
• 2 Ankle Straps
• 2 Cushioned Nylon Web Sturdy Handles
• 1 Carry Bag
• 1 Exercise Booklet with Total Body Training Program

May be used as combined single resistance up to 54lbs or doubled over resistance up to 108lbs

Our resistance tubes are made of the highest quality Malaysian dipped latex.  This makes our them above standard compared to other resistance tubes on the market.

Customer Testimonials of our Resistance Tubes


“I have a set of Youtrainfitness Resistance Tubes. I call it my travel bag because when I am away from my fitness center I use them to continue my exercise routine. The design of this set is unique. The tubes are strong, and it is easy to set them up in any kind of room.”

Rick. B

“I learned about your resistance tubes through a friend of mine and decided to give it a try.  So far I am pleased.  I travel quite a bit and they are a lifesaver when I am staying at a hotel that does not have familiar equipment that I can use. ”

Rick. B
Rick B.

“I've had my set for several months and wanted to give an update.  These tubes are incredible!  Still working great!  I use these 3x per week consistently.  Great product!”

Rick B.
Weight 2 lbs
Resistance Band Workout

Resistance Band Workout


Download printable copy here