Pass the Army Push-up Physical Fitness Test and Improve Score

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If you are planning to take the ARMY PUSH-UP TEST, AIR FORCE PUSH-UP TEST, COAST GUARD PUSH-UP TEST, MARINES PUSH-UP TEST, or NAVY PUSH-UP TEST, in the near future, or as an agency, planning to administer the push-up fitness test, an investment in our PEAMS® Push-up Mat will help you to prepare properly.  Additionally, for participants who will take a push-up test, you can request a FREE 100-Push-up Test Cadence Download below.

Beyond the use of our push-up mat to improve your push-up score, our push-up mat will continue to provide value to you for subsequent push-up tests and fitness training.

Below are some SOLUTIONS our PEAMS® Push-up Mat will provide for the ARMY push-up test takers guaranteed!

•Allow for test taker’s to train and test in the organization’s specific push-up hand-width position
•Allow for each participant to perform the push-up test at a hand-width position based on his/her shoulder-width measurement
•Allow for each participant to train in the exact position that s/he will be tested to improve motor learning which supports performance transference from push-up training environment to push-up testing environment
•Allow for participants to perform a pretest, follow a suggested push-up training program (see offer below), then post test in the same hand-width position to evaluate the push-up training program’s effectiveness and their progress

Below are some SOLUTIONS our PEAMS® Push-up Mat will provide for the push-up test administrators guaranteed!

•Reduce or eliminate any disputes or challenges about push-up performance and subjective shoulder-width hand positioning to improve push-up test defensibility
•Ensure that hand position for each soldier’s push-up test will be exactly the same year after year to improve test reliability

To learn more about how our products can enhance your physical fitness development or testing procedures as agency, please review our capabilities

Thank you for serving!

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Patrick is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, the inventor of the PEAMS® Push-up Mat, organizing member of YOUTRAINFITNESS®, and a former K-12 physical and special educator of 10 years who loves to help people improve their PRODUCTIVITY and WELLNESS!