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Does Eccentric Push-ups Improve Strength?

The pushup is an excellent exercise for strengthening the upper body muscles of the chest (pectorals) and back of arms (triceps). This strengthening process can occur by performing any one of the three muscle actions.  They are: -Concentric (overcoming a load or raising the body from the down position) -Eccentric (slowing down a load or […]

Pass the Army Push-up Physical Fitness Test and Improve Score

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If you are planning to take the ARMY PUSH-UP TEST, AIR FORCE PUSH-UP TEST, COAST GUARD PUSH-UP TEST, MARINES PUSH-UP TEST, or NAVY PUSH-UP TEST, in the near future, or as an agency, planning to administer the push-up fitness test, an investment in our PEAMS® Push-up Mat will help you to prepare properly.  Additionally, for participants who will take a push-up test, […]