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Plyometric PUSH-UPS for the Physically Conditioned

The Best Plyometric Push-up for Upper Body Power

Are you advanced in your push-up training? Do you want to increase your upper body strength and power by performing a single exercise using your own bodyweight? If you’ve answered YES!, you’ve come to the right place.  Yes!  I’m talking about Plyometric Push-ups! If you are a not advanced, check out our earlier push-up articles […]

Using Static-Dynamic PUSH-UPS to Improve Strength

Effective Push-up Method Improves Maximum Repetitions

Previously we covered the specifics of Static (Isometric) muscle action and its effectiveness in strengthening the joint at the angle during the push-up exercise where the participant lifts the most weight. We identified that by holding the Static muscle action at the angle in the down position (right before ascending), the individual may strengthen the […]

Isometric (Static) Push-ups Improve Muscle Endurance

Isometric Push-ups Produce Muscle Tension

Previously we covered the three major muscle actions that are common for improving muscular endurance during a push-up. They are Concentric (overcoming a load or raising the body from the down position), Eccentric (slowing down a load or lowering the body slowly to the down position) and Isometric (holding the load at a desired position). […]

Does Eccentric Push-ups Improve Strength?

The pushup is an excellent exercise for strengthening the upper body muscles of the chest (pectorals) and back of arms (triceps). This strengthening process can occur by performing any one of the three muscle actions.  They are: -Concentric (overcoming a load or raising the body from the down position) -Eccentric (slowing down a load or […]

How Fast Should You Do Push-Ups?

If you want to know how fast you should perform dynamic push-ups to improve your push-up performance I will explain.  There are three basic speeds I will cover – Slow, medium (regular) and fast. You will also be able to download a FREE 100-push-up cadence for each speed that you can use to perform the […]

Six Mini Band Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrists

Wrist exercises are generally overlooked by many individuals when they exercise.  This is a HUGH mistake.  Having strong wrists and forearms are essential to enhancing your performance of many pushing and pulling exercises to include the biceps curl and triceps extension.  For example, one of the main indicators that your wrist is weak when performing […]